About IPOX.

Our Mission

To apply “Indexing” to the market for New Listings globally.

Here at IPOX Schuster, our philosophy is to classify New Listings (IPOs, Spin-offs and respective M&A) into a separate equity sector for a limited, but substantial period of time after “going public” because New Listings share unique empirical dynamics.

The global range of IPOX Indexes is maintained on a real-time basis by highly experienced professionals.

About Dr. Josef Schuster

Dr. Schuster is the founder of Chicago-based IPOX Schuster LLC and chief architect of the IPOX® Indexes. Before founding IPOX, he pursued his academic work on European IPOs in the Financial Markets Group (FMG) at the London School of Economics (LSE), where he completed his MSc and PhD and conceived the idea to start IPOX. He regularly appears in the media as an expert in global New Listings and respective investment products.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Founded in 2004, IPOX Schuster, LLC is the creator of the family of IPOX® Indexes.

The IPOX® Indexes characterize the aftermarket performance of New Listings (IPOs, Spin-offs and respective M&As) more accurately and comprehensively than any other index group. The profile of the respective IPOX Index truly reflects the Equity Capital Markets (ECM) Activity and the growth and innovation of the respective economy.


Our portfolios are constructed using a disciplined and transparent portfolio construction technology.


IPOX Schuster LLC is the first and foremost provider of a comprehensive series of investment solutions focused on modeling exposure to New Listings.


More than $4 billion worth IPOX®-linked products, including a number of 5-star funds, have been launched worldwide since our inception.

IPOX Opportunities

  • Investment Consultant (Marketing/Sales)

  • Summer Interns (Research & Development)


Our People

Our international team consists of employees with highly specialized skills in the area of New Listings, Data Mining & Analysis and Software Engineering.


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