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Corporate Actions and Earnings propel IPOX® ETFs (FPX, FPXE) to big day Friday / SNAP, VNE

IPOX® Schuster LLC), the firm behind the IPOX® Indexes, is pleased to note big gains in respective IPOX® linked ETFs during Friday’s trading.

As of 8:30 am CT, the IPOX® 100 U.S. (ETF: FPX) added to +1.87% to +8.03% YTD, while the IPOX® Europe  (ETF: FPXE) added +0.68% to +8.41% YTD, surpassing the 2000.00 level for the first time.

“The big jump in IPOX® heavyweight Snap (SNAP US: +23.15%) – not tracked in the major benchmarks – on earnings, as well as today’s buy-out of IPOX® Europe portfolio holding automotive tech provider Veoneer (VNE US: +55.00%) underlines once more the potency of the IPO and Spin-off asset class as tracked by IPOX® to add unique portfolio returns to a diversified, broad based equity portfolio”, noted J. Schuster IPOX® founder and chief architect of the IPOX® portfolios.

European UCITS investors can access the IPOX® 100 U.S. (factsheet: and IPOX® 100 Europe (factsheet: ) via the following tickers: FPX LN (UCITS, USD),  FPXE LN (UCITS, GBP), EPFX IM (UCITS, EUR) and IPXE LN (UCITS, USD).

For further information, please contact IPOX® using the co-ordinates below.

IPOX Schuster LLC

225 West Washington, Suite 1675

Chicago, IL 60606


1-312-526-3634 (office)

1-312-339-4114 (24.7 support)