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Corporate Action Notification in IPOX 100 US (IPXO) Index – EVRG/RKT & ALEC/AZEK

IPOX is to notify the following corporate action in the IPOX 100 US index (IPXO).

1. EVRG UN Equity (EVERGY INC) will be replaced by RKT UN Equity (ROCKET COS INC;RKT.N) in a weight-neutral transaction.
2. ALEC UW Equity (ALECTOR INC) will be replaced by AZEK UN Equity (AZEK COMPANY INC;AZEK.N) in a weight-neutral transaction.

Effective Date (OPEN): 08/24/2020.

For further information, please contact us.

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Chicago, IL 60606
+ 1 (312) 526-3634 office
+ 1 (312) 339-4114 support (24/7)